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| DeniZ is a German based female DJ with german-turkish and russian roots. The name Deniz is a turkish unisex name that translates into: the sea. | 

- Since 2018 the authentic and energetic DJ - is clinging on her own mission and to upcoming gigs; she is also passionate to discovering a track selection far from a commercial sound. It’s her vision to make the club culture even more multifaceted through her individual and diverse sound with whom she wants to express her own vision and enthusiasm for electronic music. Her favourite sounds is fast, atmospheric with some heavy bass.
DeniZ has danced and also taught Hip-Hop lessons for a very long time. According to her motto: „Dancing is dreaming with the whole body.“ 

With the “~SIRENS~” events and the label she organized for a while their own event-series. 
DeniZ is playing at various clubs and open-air gigs; in summer 2019 she already had an international five-hours open-air gig in Turkey, on another night DeniZ played a gig in Berlin the techno mecca capital city.
DeniZ focuses independently on herself and her upcoming club-gigs-;
she wants to take the rave crowd on a magical, musical journey and to a world full of energy, freedom and harmony.
In her track repertoire she convinces with cross-genre beats - means TECHNO and DIVERSITY pure!
DeniZ grows with her tasks, with her love and vision for techno music and its rave 'nd club culture. 

~ Genre ~: Techno, Acid, Trance, Hardtechno/trance, Leftfield House & Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Minimal, …